» Just sitting here in McDonalds

Eating my fries
Watching as my brother is running away from our table
Mom chasing after him
Now I’m alone
In the playground
-noms fries-



Got hair dye o.o

About to say goodbye to these strawberry blond locks ^^ aha

thatvoltagechic Really? LOL I didn know the rest of the smutatarians were too pfft

Most. I feel so left out xD I would dye my hair but my parents say no. So….no >.>



why does the australian flag look like it was made in 3 minutes on ms paint


Are we all going to ignore Japan?

Kanji hugged Frankie from behind and whispered in her ear. "Being naughty already Miss Frankie? Staring at a shirtless butler.. And being cute at the same time.." He chuckled and kissed her softly.
I hear the heavens opening
And then
I die
So dramatic.
-raises arms and waves them around- What about Frankie~~? eue



My baby girl! x3

My sweet child who acts more like my parent pfft but I love your cute little tsundere butt to pieces ^^


Because you are my more childish, immature, irresponsible mother that I love~ most of the time xD

» follow spree!! (◕‿◕✿)


i currently only follow 45 blogs, and i’ve been on a hiatus since like january or february so i need some more blogs to follow!

so like/reblog if you post any of the following and i’ll check your blog out!

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