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Do you like anime
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13. A Kitten

"Hey Frankie!! Look what I found." Kanji smiled walking up to Frankie with a kitty cat. "Want to hold hiim?" He chuckled.

Frankie sneezed as she created some distance between her and Kanji. “I can’t.” She sneezed again and pawed at her irritated nose. “I-I’m allergic.” She sneezed once again.


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13. A kitten

Frankie approached Yo with a box being hugged against her chest. She sneezed a little and pawed at her nose like a kitten. I really hope this gift was worth the allergies, she thought to herself as she handed him the box with little holes on top.


(This sucks because I have allergies >.>)

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» Put ‘Claimed’ in my ask box and I’ll use a number generator to decide what you get:
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  7. A harsh insult
  8. An angry/jealous text
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  10. 4 days with me chained to their bed
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  12. A pat on the back
  13. A kitten
  14. Up to mun

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The high pitch squeal that I just made was not meant for human ears.

fldxctcrp This is what I was screaming over XD


Here some fluff~ Just cause xD


I stared at my beloved’s form laying next to me. Her hands had a slight grip to my shirt while her breathing was slow and rhythmic telling me she was asleep. How was I able to get such a beautiful girl? I thought to myself as I brushed a stray strand of her from…